Sofala Public School

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About our school

Sofala Public School provides a balanced education for all students in a caring atmosphere in a small isolated historic rural village.

All students are encouraged to achieve higher levels by experiencing learning within a caring sound educational situation and environment.

Sofala village and its surrounding district is proud of the quality teaching and learning that takes place in Sofala Public School. Student welfare which is positive and encouraging is held in high regard by the total school community.

Sofala Public School actively involves itself in community based activities and encourages the students to participate in a full range of activities in the broader community. Parents willingly transport their children to such events.

This year we have developed an environment where we are all part of an effective team which has developed a happy, safe and attractive learning environment through our dedication, commitment and collaboration. Programs draw on community involvement and expertise.

Sofala Public School has been established since 1878 with student numbers declining over the last few years due to the changing demographics of the total community.